Listed below are the players which signed up for Season 23.

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Captains (20)

Player MMR Record Roles Statement
banebu 4160 2095 - 1933 1/1/2/3/5

Washed up from a 1 year break getting back into the game.

G0nd4r 3840 0 - 0 1/1/1/5/5

Cr4zE 3980 0 - 0 4/2/2/5/5

Hello captains. Pos 4/5 focus player with a lot of heroes in my pool that are in meta atm, AA, Grim, Nyx, Tusk, stuff like that, and willing to learn whatever fits with my team. I tend to be very talkative in my games, so benefit from other people that support me. Willing to learn new heroes to fit with team and learn! :D Also came Top 8 last season

Sir Owl 3610 1145 - 1061 3/4/4/3/1

actually a dog player

Harbinger 6280 2262 - 1824 5/5/1/1/1

no uk or tank ban

King Fox 4970 0 - 0 2/2/4/5/4

I will play weird heroes like brew and naga, deal with it

GasBeaR 5420 0 - 0 3/3/5/4/4

Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn

Why you heff to be mad? 3420 3287 - 3302 0/0/2/5/4

Charanini 4800 0 - 0 3/5/3/3/3

Playing 5-10 games a day everyday for the past 2 months, practicing pos2 mostly. 7000hours total, started in 2011. Worked as a caster for Dreamhack Spain and coach for the best Spanish dota team during 2014-2015 season.

Layos 5630 0 - 0 4/3/5/2/5

can play p5 but prefer p3, looking forward to playing some inhouses again

mint 5800 0 - 0 5/2/2/1/1

wont solo win you games

moyo 3160 1630 - 1595 1/1/5/5/1

Hi! Lets win this one maybe

SMMN 5760 0 - 0 4/4/3/2/3


Madsen | St. Alessia 5430 2143 - 1926 5/4/4/2/2

Male behavior towards female gamers See also: Sexism in video gaming [icon] This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. (April 2019) A 2015 study found that lower-skilled male players of Halo 3 were more hostile towards teammates with a female voice, but behaved more submissively to players with a male voice. Higher-skilled male players, on the other hand, behaved more positively towards female players. The authors argued the male hostility towards female gamers in terms of evolutionary psychology, writing, "female-initiated disruption of a male hierarchy incites hostile behaviour from poor performing males who stand to lose the most status".[103]

Nsphere 7090 4052 - 3731 5/5/5/5/5

0 cares gameplay will grief myself to ruin all your friendship stacks

Chris 4660 0 - 0 5/1/1/3/3


Waloo 6080 1307 - 1027 1/1/1/1/1


DarkPsiona 4490 0 - 0 5/3/5/2/2

Hey, I'm looking forward to this season of RD2L. I usually play 3 or 1 but I can play anywhere!

BlackJack 6010 2468 - 2207 4/4/5/3/1

nsphere pick me

De10ra 5000 0 - 0 1/1/1/4/5

Team Delora for the win

Players (80)

Player MMR Record Roles Statement
Den'den 5500 2717 - 2087 5/2/3/3/1

I just want to hit some creeps. Be aware that I buy Midas and not bkb. And if you tell me to buy bkb I 100% won't do it out of spite :)

Kimer 4580 2400 - 2349 1/1/3/5/3

Hi its me

bernard humperdink 510 2201 - 2408 1/1/5/5/1

Two hero puddle both usualy banned

Ernie 3280 0 - 0 1/1/1/4/5

I've gotten dragged into this, it's not my fault!

Nappa 4990 874 - 658 1/1/1/1/5

Only pos5 this season. Only been playing inhouses so I am very very rusty. Not planning to shotcall this season. I have a big dodgelist and I am also in many dodge lists.

Pajazo 2830 0 - 0 3/1/3/5/4

Better on support role but can fill for offlane if its needed

lookalive 6150 5040 - 4485 5/1/1/1/1


7he5L4v1c$aVag3 1210 0 - 0 2/2/3/4/5

Cheap pos 5, pick me if you dare!

grimmjow 4870 0 - 0 5/4/1/1/1


[ST] Dandi 4050 0 - 0 3/2/3/5/5

Can play a very wide list of heroes on most positions, but most comfortable on 3/4/5.

Norma 5200 2441 - 2195 4/2/4/4/4

wanting to play with some friends so message me before picking me if possible

Gecko 5310 0 - 0 1/1/2/5/1

god but backwards

Cvækt 6240 1761 - 1445 5/5/1/1/1

don't ask qwicker about Luna

Thronplunder 3280 3564 - 3274 5/1/2/2/3

ready to pog out

Physix 2430 0 - 0 2/1/3/5/5

Only started playing in RD2L since the Mini that's going on at the moment, but enjoying myself so much I want to be part of this season. Returning player (just before the mini) and a few people here know me. Fairly PMA and no i'm not just saying that

Regurgitard 4960 1870 - 1628 1/2/2/5/1

if u want to pick me and dont know me pm me in discord, im special so dont pick me unless u know me

PAIERS 3900 940 - 849 1/1/2/4/5

Hey! I'm here to have fun and improve. I prefer playing pos5. I'm available for practice, scrims etc

Jay Heraldinho 2050 0 - 0 2/2/4/5/2

I won a mini with Panda, enough said. Draft me at any Div, il still play the same

tammyB 5380 0 - 0 1/1/3/5/5

☠Praise the Mangology☠ 5320 0 - 0 4/4/4/4/1

can pick me any position

KriShelby 2490 0 - 0 1/1/3/5/4

Estonian dog who plays dota

Jeremy 4670 1192 - 1012 5/1/1/2/1

I have returned

PONPO 5410 3209 - 2863 1/5/1/1/1

󠀡󠀡blank 3330 1207 - 1175 1/1/3/5/5

I play mostly support and require my fellow laner to communicate with me. Hero ocean. Mini winner. available for scrims/pubs most nights. This the real $14nI< for all the name haters on the cheat sheet panel

fred 4450 2214 - 1917 1/1/3/3/5


nfd 4750 1922 - 1410 4/4/1/5/5

div 1 = 4/5, div 2 = 1/2

Codenamechicken 3030 0 - 0 3/1/5/4/2

qwicker 4740 0 - 0 3/1/5/5/4

in my other statement, i mentioned the kittens, but what you might not know is i am huge bird, lizard and even alien fan. alien kittens.. KITTENS wow. yes. +1 +2 +3 kittens, if you want to draft me just KAPOW KITTENS STRIKE. my favourite grass type move is leech seed KITTENS

Kublai Khan 5070 0 - 0 1/1/5/5/1

not playing 5 on wednesdays :Y

ashteezy 4940 0 - 0 1/1/3/5/3

rubick or feed

MakeshiftTom 3570 0 - 0 4/2/5/2/2

Pos 3, Pretty chill and available during the day and on weekends.

Ruski 3150 0 - 0 3/1/2/5/5

Wed pog

~r~Brandon Stark 690 0 - 0 1/2/3/4/5

I am a low MMR player who is looking to have some fun in the community. I hope to see you guys in game and I would appreciate patience from Zhou while dealing with my special needs

zzz 4570 0 - 0 5/2/2/2/2

give me space or give me death

Morgs 3550 0 - 0 1/1/5/1/1

Not toxic :)

Uvs 3110 0 - 0 1/1/4/2/5

Resident Lich player. PMA if we are winning, toxic if we are losing, silent when I give up.

Tabby 4090 0 - 0 3/3/3/3/3

might be a little late sometimes

Posterik 5720 0 - 0 4/5/3/3/2

rmbl 2310 0 - 0 1/1/2/4/5

Frank 6500 0 - 0 4/5/3/1/1

dotabuff for info casual tryhard player. willing to practice and try as hard as possible but needs to stay friendly and constructive. just clowning is fine too. Haven't really played ranked in years, used to play around top 1k but mmr has dropped a bit since.

jetamo 4000 0 - 0 1/5/3/3/1

Though I've taken a fall in recent moths, I peaked at 4900 MMR. Most of my time playing I was a part of a team playing in competitive enviroment. I have played over 600 captain's mode games, so I'm quite familiar with the concept of playing in a team. After being inactive for few last weeks I will have a lot of time for practice starting June. I am a mid player but I used to play 4 in my most recent team.

BigFred 4820 0 - 0 5/2/3/4/3

Wanting to learn and improve as much as possible.

Xc1Te 2810 0 - 0 4/1/2/4/5

Longtime archon player looking to get back into competitive (Captains Mode). Over the eyars, I've played in various leagues, including a season of RD2L, and won a fair few battlecups, often drafting. My DotA claim to fame should have been losing to [A]lliance in some TI open qualifiers, but instead we got too excited that we were winning our previous game and we dove T4s and lost. Lesson learned I guess :)

zGrozem🅰G 📈 4420 0 - 0 1/1/4/2/2

m4sh16 4210 0 - 0 5/3/2/1/1

Syrphx = 🐍

Bonjwa 7280 0 - 0 3/2/4/5/5

pos4 recently, pos3 and 5 in past. played a fair amount of competitive very pma letsgooo spain dota #1

Nyx ツ 2710 0 - 0 5/1/3/5/3

Yo. Im chill 17yo player from finland. I have been playing dota for 1 year now. I know my mmr is pretty low but in my defense i play full partyq with 2 anchients and 2 legends/archons and im still climbing steadily +100mmr per week. I main pos 1, but im really flexible so i can pos 4 pretty good aswell. My pos 3 and 5 are decent imo, but im not most comfrotable as them. Im just looking to get better because i made a bet that i will be divine when i hit 3k hours xD. But im working hard, playing everyday, watching videos, reviewing replays and asking help from (reddit/better players). Im pretty pma so i hope we will get along. :)

Joll 4330 2374 - 2197 4/5/3/3/1

Hello, I'd love to play mid again this season.

Syrphx 5000 1224 - 1258 3/4/5/2/1

I'm First picking panda don't @ me

Papa Sthterny 3930 0 - 0 1/1/3/5/3

I would love to play pos 4, pretty large hero pool and happy to learn any new heroes if necessary. Work well with a good shotcaller on the team.

H3lix 4800 3142 - 2653 5/4/3/1/1

I stopped playing on the 12th Jan and came back on the 2nd May, I was 4.8k before I stopped playing and have only been back for a couple of weeks so pick me at ur own risk, I am quite washed up tho

sam 1800 0 - 0 5/3/3/3/1

Hi, I'm a 1.8k Pos1 player, I love to play Jug, Ursa, Morph, Slark, PA, Monkey, but I'm pretty flexible as well (just not Arc Warden pls), I'm also known to shot call sometimes when I'm certain of a great move. I'm super competitive and friendly too. If you like my pitch please consider me to help you win the league! glhf :)

Patro 4090 1730 - 1496 0/4/2/4/2

down 150 mmr since the last mini, however did pretty well in it. Fairly vocal in game and always up for scrims

Clancy is dead. 4400 0 - 0 5/5/3/2/1

I'm gonna try to play wed as a meme. Unless my sun team is utterly hopeless I will not prioritize scrims for wed team etc. I'll pub with teammates if I have room etc but dont expect me to play 3x scrims for your wed team unless you have a godstack

Prime 3890 0 - 0 5/2/4/2/4

I'm most comfortable with pos 1 but I'm willing to practice other roles if required.

Muffinsan 5040 2109 - 1676 1/5/1/1/1

Electrical disruptions caused by squirrels are common and widespread, and can involve the disruption of power grids. It has been hypothesized that the threat to the internet, infrastructure and services posed by squirrels may exceed that posed by cyber-attacks.[1] Although many commentators have highlighted humorous aspects of the concern, squirrels have proven consistently able to cripple power grids in many countries,[2] and the danger posed to the electrical grid from squirrels is ongoing and significant[3][4] This has led to tabulations and maps compiled of the relevant data.[5] Contents 1 Scope 2 Prevention 3 Metrics 4 Analytics 5 Specific cases 6 See also 7 Notes 8 References 9 External links Scope Electrical disruptions caused by squirrels are common and widespread. Between Memorial Day 2013 and August 31, 2013, at least 50 power outages caused by squirrels (POCBS) were recorded in 24 U.S. states.[6] Cities affected by POCBS included Mason City, Iowa and Portland, Oregon.[7] Most media coverage of such events has compared the number of electrical grid shutdowns due to squirrels and those due to terrorists. Commentators often embellish and parody descriptions of the squirrels responsible for interrupting electrical service with allusions to military action or concerns, for example: "Squirrels mobilize, plot acts of cyber terrorism against humankind—And they're not acting alone."[8] or "Squirrelus interruptus: 5 things shut down by squirrels—How can a squirrel bring a nuclear weapons site to its knees?"[7] Electrical grids are not the only types of infrastructure at risk from squirrels, but nuclear weapons sites have also been described as targets of squirrel attention. 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"Squirrels cause more financial damage to critical Infrastructure than Cyber Attacks". Cybersecurity Insiders. Retrieved July 23, 2019. Cunningham, Meredith (January 11, 2015). "The most dangerous cyberterrorists are squirrels". Retrieved June 8, 2017. "The Threat to America's Electrical Grid Is Much Bigger Than You Can Possibly Imagine". The Foreign Policy Group. Retrieved June 8, 2017. Weideman, Reeves; Johnson, R. Kikuo, Illustrator (June 6, 2016). "Envisioning the Hack That Could Take Down New York City". New York Magazine. Retrieved June 8, 2017. Atherton, Kelsey D. (January 8, 2016). "Map Shows Squirrel Winning Cyber War". Retrieved June 8, 2017. Mooallem, Jon (September 1, 2013). "Squirrel Power!". Retrieved August 24, 2020. Hickman, Matt (October 24, 2013). "Squirrelus interruptus: 5 things shut down by squirrels—How can a squirrel bring a nuclear weapons site to its knees". Mother Nature Network. Retrieved June 8, 2017. Hickman, Matt (January 11, 2016). "Squirrels mobilize, plot acts of cyber terrorism against humankind". Retrieved June 8, 2017. Peterson, Andrea. "Are squirrels a bigger threat to the power grid than hackers?". The Washington Post. Retrieved June 8, 2017. dridrive (January 15, 2016). "Squirrels or Hackers: Who's the Bigger Threat to Power Grid?". Retrieved June 8, 2017. Mooallemaug, Jon (August 31, 2013). "Squirrel Power!". The New York Times. Retrieved June 8, 2017. Shaver, Katherine (December 25, 2015). "The bushy-tailed, nut-loving menace coming after America's power grid". The Washington Post. Retrieved June 8, 2017. Hofmann, Alex (January 21, 2016). "Power outages and the squirrel connection". American Public Power Association Official Association Blog. Retrieved June 8, 2017. Goud, Naveen (January 18, 2017). "Squirrels cause more financial damage to critical Infrastructure than Cyber Attacks - Cybersecurity Insiders". Retrieved June 8, 2017. Wagenseil, Paul (January 14, 2017). "Worried About Cyberwar? Worry About Squirrels Instead Worried About Cyberwar? Worry About Squirrels Instead". Tom's Guide. Retrieved June 8, 2017. "L'écureuil: le pire ennemi en matière de cybersécurité" (in French). Québec Science. Retrieved June 8, 2017. Wootson Jr., Cleve R.; Johnson, R. Kikuo. "Most cybersecurity experts are worried about Russian hackers. One says: Look, a squirrel!". The Washington Post. Retrieved June 8, 2017. "Squirrel 'threat' to critical infrastructure". BBC. January 17, 2017. Retrieved June 8, 2017 – via From the "flash crash" to the Nasdaq outage: technical problems that hit stocks and exchanges, Fox News, July 8, 2015 Jon Mooallem (August 31, 2013), "Squirrel Power!", The New York Times Mathew J. Schwartz (August 23, 2013), "Nasdaq Outage Explored: 7 Facts – Security experts dismiss reports that DDoS attack compromised systems in New York City and crashed Nasdaq exchange. But squirrels have not been ruled out.", Network Computing Blue, Violet (March 18, 2016). "America accuses Iran of hacking the dam, cyber-squirrels rejoice". Engadget. Retrieved June 8, 2017. While America is worrying about nation states, our infrastructure is being terrorized by rodents Armerding, Taylor. "How much at risk is the U.S.'s critical infrastructure?". Retrieved June 8, 2017. "Eichhörnchen vs. the Internet". January 13, 2016. Retrieved June 8, 2017. Polacek, Karl. "Squirrel causes power outage on South Side Connellsville". Tribune-Review. Retrieved June 7, 2017. Croyle, David. "Kittanning Paper - Electrocuted Squirrel Causes Power Outage". Retrieved June 7, 2017. Dispatch, Valley News. "Squirrel blamed for outage near Mills mall". Retrieved June 7, 2017. "Squirrel causes brief power outage at CCAC south campus". Tribune-Review. Retrieved June 7, 2017. Rittmeyer, Brian C. (May 17, 2017). "Springdale-area power problems likely caused by loose wire, dead squirrel". Tribune-Review. Retrieved June 7, 2017. "Critters blamed for power outages". July 6, 2016. Retrieved June 7, 2017. "Squirrel to blame for Smethport power outage". The Bradford Era. May 20, 2014. Retrieved June 7, 2017. Martin Garrett, Michael (June 15, 2014). "State College, PA - Power Restored After College Heights Outage -". Retrieved June 7, 2017. Kemeny, Matthew (September 17, 2012). "Update: Squirrel is the culprit after all in Cumberland County power outage". The Patriot-News. Retrieved June 7, 2017. Mattera, Julianne (May 18, 2013). "Squirrel caused power outage for about 1,000 customers in New Cumberland, says PPL spokesman". The Patriot-News. Retrieved June 7, 2017. Waltz, Varerie (June 17, 2013). "Squirrel causes power outage in Middletown". Fox 43. Retrieved June 7, 2017. Robinson, Ryan (May 19, 2015). "Squirrel on wire cuts power to 2,471 in Columbia area". Retrieved June 7, 2017. Robinson, Ryan (March 12, 2014). "Squirrel on line knocks out power to over 1,500 people in city". LNP. Retrieved June 7, 2017. "Power outage affected over 4,000 customers". The Luminary. June 3, 2015. Retrieved June 7, 2017. "Squirrel causes blackout to 360 homes - Times News Online". Times News. October 29, 2012. Retrieved June 7, 2017. Marchiano, Amy (October 23, 2013). "Squirrel cause of power outage in Schuylkill Haven". Retrieved June 7, 2017. News, 69 (December 5, 2013). "Squirrel to blame for power outage in Hamburg". Retrieved June 7, 2017. "Squirrel knocks out power to hundreds in Laureldale, Muhlenberg". 69 News. February 15, 2017. Retrieved June 7, 2017. Charles, Alec. "The ideological dreamscape of BBC News online: the strange tale of the terror squirrel of Knutsford". Retrieved June 8, 2017. Haupt, Randy (2007). "Squirrels, Nuts, and People: Part 1 [Ethically Speaking]". IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine. 49 (5): 167–167. doi:10.1109/MAP.2007.4395334. ISSN 1045-9243. External links

Barry 2960 0 - 0 5/1/3/2/3

Serious Panda 3710 0 - 0 5/5/1/1/1

Only pos 1 or 2 I don't play support and won't

Kitty 5730 0 - 0 1/4/3/5/1


hews 7030 0 - 0 5/3/1/1/1

Ben1 4310 0 - 0 1/1/1/4/5

PMA Pos 5

Pr1tch3ll 3580 0 - 0 2/1/4/5/2

Available for practise for pretty much everyday. Pretty flexible in role but would prefer to play 4. Non toxic and pma :)

STJ 4860 0 - 0 2/1/5/2/2

I'm hopefully below cut-off

Friendlyguy 2660 0 - 0 1/1/1/5/5

Ive been sandbaggin hard to lower my mmr so someone can get me cheap

Gladp 4740 0 - 0 5/5/3/2/4

Chill gaming preferable (: Down to play some practice and pub

f why 3630 0 - 0 5/5/4/2/1

GrimЯ 3730 0 - 0 1/5/1/3/1

I might play Wednesday, not 100% sure yet (will remove before activity check if i don't). Codex attempting to transform me into a better player, let's see how that goes ;D Pos2 player, but if the mid-pool is full with 5k+ I can do some pos4 (DON'T PICK ME OFFLANE, IMA PLAY PUCK/DP AND SHIT LIKE THAT... HIGH CHANCE OF BEING GRIEFED. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED).

Kenshi 4570 0 - 0 5/1/1/1/1


stePanda- 4600 0 - 0 1/1/1/5/5

Midas ogre player

Rinkusaur 4360 1399 - 1347 1/5/1/2/2

I upgraded my laptop to a PC after 7 years so might have to get used to it but should be an upgrade POG

dekaIT 5840 1805 - 1387 1/5/1/1/1

wanna vibe, have fun, play some nice dota :)

bronhi 6300 0 - 0 5/5/3/1/1


SharًNoob 4500 0 - 0 4/1/5/5/4

Rabbit 6960 0 - 0 5/5/5/5/1

just wanna play without shot calling for once

Don 5000 0 - 0 5/4/1/2/1

XeH- 5840 0 - 0 4/5/3/5/1

Hanswurst_dkdrA 3590 0 - 0 2/1/5/4/3

Wanted to write something funny, then i remembered i am german. I will have the most assists in your team. Mark my words.

Classical Dan 3600 0 - 0 1/1/2/5/3

Just played in the Mini and enjoyed it. Techies Spammer so always takes up at least one ban xD 4 specialist, love to roam, communicative, friendly, happy to draft and make calls. Not high enough mmr to dodge shadow poison

shnoor 4790 0 - 0 5/3/2/5/4

skully 4420 1795 - 1676 3/1/3/4/5

Unvouched (5)

Player MMR Record Roles Statement
96 revol iloL 0 0 - 0 4/5/2/2/2

I'm primarily a mid player, I am very versatile but there are certain heroes I can't play and i'll let you know during draft

Millano 0 0 - 0 1/1/4/4/5

' _ufo666 0 0 - 0 5/1/1/1/1

A lot of experience with competetive dota. Have been playing in teams for forever. Lost a lot of mmr lately since I was pretty busy with school and was just trying to have some fun. Id say rank wise id be like high divine.

Van Daminator 2260 0 - 0 1/1/3/3/5

best as a 5, can 3 or 4 if desperate

-Dentcare- 0 0 - 0 3/2/5/4/4

Please keep in mind that Im affected by lag (my current situation doesn't allow me to be in Europe)