Listed are the current RD2L Rules, which all participants are expeted to follow. If a player is found in violation of any of these rules, a punishment to either the player or his team may be applied at the admin teams' discretion.

The format of RD2L is described in the Format document

Communication and Conduct Rules

  • All conduct rules apply to official RD2L games as well as the community Discord.
  • Participants are may not engage in:
    • Hate speech (i.e. attacks based on a person's race, religion, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, etc.)
    • Personal attacks
    • Cyber-bullying
    • Doxxing
  • If you see any of the aforementioned behaviours, you can report it to Community Moderators or Admins by messaging them on Discord.
  • Situations not explicitly covered by these rules will be handled at the discretion of the admin team.

Registration Rules

  • Only individual player sign-ups are accepted.
  • All sign-ups are reviewed by an admin and may be accepted or denied at the admins' discretion.
  • Participants must sign up with their main account.
    • Participants must publicly display their match data for the duration of the season. Private match data on sign-up can result in the removal of the participant’s sign-up. Hiding match data during the season can result in a punishment at the discretion of the admin team.
    • Players may choose to hide their match data in between RD2L matches, but are required to parse their match data within 24 hours of their RD2L matches.
    • The account may not be used by any other player.
    • Participants must alert the admin team if the rank on this account does not accurately reflect their skill level, in which case the admins may adjust this rank for the purpose of balancing the league.
    • All RD2L games must be played on the Steam account the participant used to sign up. If the main account can not be accessed, an alternative account may be used. This has to be communicated towards both the admins and the opposing captain beforehand
  • Participants should not register if they expect to miss more than 3 weeks in the season, including playoffs.
  • Participants have the option of registering as free agents and as such may be assigned to teams missing players throughout the season.