Listed below is the format of RD2L. The format describes the basic outline on how RD2L is meant to function.

The rules of RD2L are described in the Rules document


  • Seasons are the individual iterations of RD2L.
  • A RD2L Season is divided into the group stage and single elimination playoffs.
  • RD2L teams play one series every week. The series are Best of 2 in the group stage and Best of 3 in the playoffs.
  • Divisions are linked to a season and specify the usual game day and start time.
    • For example, CET-WED plays each Wednesday at 21:00 CET/CEST
  • Each division will have at least one division admin responsible for running it.
  • The start time for each series is 21:00 CET for CET-WED and 20:00 CET for CET-SUN. It is suggested that players begin gathering in the lobby half an hour before start time in case a stand-in might be required.
    • The standard start time for series changes in accordance with daylight saving time.

Players & Captains

  • Players and captains sign up as individuals. Team signups are not possible
  • Every player on a team's roster must play at least half the games and series, unless circumstances prevent this.
  • Since a team has 6 players a captain can choose to swap players inbetween series or between games within a series, but must play all players frequently.
  • Participants may play in multiple divisions, however at most in one sub-division per division.
  • All Players are expected to stay with their RD2L team until the season is over. Players that leave their teams before the season is over may be punished.
  • Captains may not remove players from their team.


  • After the group stage completes, playoffs follow
  • Playoffs are a single elimination tournament among the top ranked teams from the groupstage.
  • The amount of teams entering the playoffs depends on the number of teams remaining and will be announced during the group stage.
    • The number of teams entering playoffs will be a multiple of two.
  • Matches in playoffs are Best of Threes


  • A team missing one of their players for a game is allowed to use a stand-in for that player.
  • The standin must currently have a badge equal or lower to the sign-up badge of the player they are replacing.
  • The stand-in must have played at least 1 season of RD2L or any tournaments held on the RD2L platform (such as RD2L mini).
  • Both the admins and opposing captain must be notified about the stand-in. To do so, ping both the admins and the opposing captain in the #captains channel with the names and dotabuff links of both the missing player and the standin.
  • The opposing captain may reject a stand-in. In this case the division admin has the final say on whether the stand-in is allowed.
  • Teams may only use 1 stand-in per game.
    • The use of a stand-in caused by not yet having received a free agent will not count toward the above total.
    • This requires the free agent to be requested beforehand via the Free Agent Request Form.

Free Agents

  • Free Agents are replacements for players permanently missing from a team. Free Agents take precedent over stand-ins, as they allow the team to get to their full strength.
  • Players may sign up as free agents for one or more divisions at the Free Agent Signup Form
  • Free Agents are supposed to be of similar in terms of value for the team as the player they replace. A player's value depends on various factors such as MMR and main roles played.
  • If a captain wishes to replace an inactive or disruptive player, they may ask for a free agent using the Free Agent Request Form
    • Captains must be able to prove that the player being replaced is inactive or disruptive.
    • The admin team provides the captain with a selection of free agents to choose from to replace their missing player. Keep in mind that other captains may also be offered the same free agents and the free agents may be picked before you make a decision.