Listed below is the format of RD2L. The format describes the basic outline on how RD2L is meant to function.

The rules of RD2L are described in the Rules document

Season Format

  • RD2L seasons are divided into divisions for sunday and wednesday as well as possible sub-divisions, with each division being divided into a set of group stage and single elimination playoffs. The exact time frame and format for each new season varies from the ones before it and will be announced by the admin team through the RD2L Discord.
    • Every division has a set of admins. These admins are the first point of contact for captains and players in the respective divisions. They are responsible for the division drafts, calling forfeits, approving stand-ins, assigning free agents and handling any disputes that may arise.
  • During the season, teams will play one series every week. Group stage matches are played in a best of 2 format and will be replaced with best of 3 matchups once teams move forward to the playoffs.
  • Standings are determined by the win-lose ratio of participating teams. If multiple teams are tied in the standings going into playoffs, the tie is broken with a separate set of tiebreaker matches.
    • If the schedule doesn’t allow for an additional week of tiebreaker games, the ties are broken down with the following steps:
      1. Head to Head - the record of tied teams against each other is compared. If there is a clear winner, that team will move forward. If there is no clear winner or loser,
      2. Strength of schedule - tied teams are assigned a score, which is calculated by summing up the total number of wins of each opponent played against during the season. Each opponent’s wins as well as the final score is adjusted for the amount of games the teams played in total. The team with the higher score will move forward. If again there is no clear winner or loser,
      3. Best of 1 tiebreakers - teams will play a best of 1 tiebreaker to determine the winner before the next week’s official series.

Draft Format

  • The player pool for each draft is made up of a number of players equal to the number of available captains times four. If the number of registered players exceeds the amount of available slots in the draft, the player pool will be decided on a first come - first serve basis.
  • In most cases, RD2L seasons are based on either a linear player draft as defined in 3., or a division-based auction draft as defined in 4.
      Other draft formats may be chosen for individual events or different season formats. These changes will be announced through a Discord announcement made by the admin team.
  • Linear player drafts are the standard draft format for RD2L main seasons.
    • Captains take turns picking one player at a time from the available player pool.
      • The pick order for the first round of player picks is based on each captains’ respective MMR values.
      • The pick order then varies for each consecutive round, using the teams’ average MMR values for each new round of picks.
    • Each captain drafts a total of four players, resulting in five players on each team.
  • Division-based auction drafts are the go-to draft format for RD2L Mini seasons.
    • Captains take turns nominating one player at a time from the available player pool.
      • The order in which captains nominate players is randomized before the draft.
    • Captains may put any amount of their coins on the currently nominated player, with the highest uncontested bet finalizing the price of the nominated player.
    • If a captain runs out of coins during the draft, he will no longer be able to bet on players.
        The captain will then have to wait until the end of the draft, before he can choose any of the remaining players to finalize his lineup.
    • Each captain drafts a total of four players, resulting in five players on each team.